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The overall dimensions of the frame are 19 1/2" wide by 23 1/2" high. The centerpiece of this display is a York County screw tip powder horn dating to the late 18th or early 19th century. The horn measures 13" across the curve and includes its original screw tip which has a poured pewter collar tip. The butt diameter is 2 5/8" is domed with chip ...read more


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1/21/2013 · In the above image, we see a fine powder horn from Northern India dating back to the 17th century Mughal period. It has high quality carvings depicting various animals on its outside surface. This should strictly not be called a "powder horn", since the material used is not a horn at all. ...read more


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The powder horn was the companion to every musket and rifle in early America. Carried by huntsman, soldier and explorer alike, the powder horn is an original American art form. They would vary from crude carvings to elegant scrimshaw, depicting scenes from nature, maps, battles, verse and history. The horns displayed on this site are from the ...read more


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Getchells Powder Horn . Arnold's Expedition Historical Society. A picture of the original horn was provided by John Getchell”s relative who let me have the copy of the photo so. Click here to explore our archive of newsletters and announcements, dating back to our founding 40 years ago. Email. Subscribe. Instagram. ...read more


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12/13/2018 · Powder Horn, 1754-1763. Museum of the City of New York. 36.340. Another Museum powder horn from the 1750s features the names of two brothers, Abraham and Lucas Hooghkirk. The horn is only engraved close to the wooden plug on the wider end, and … ...read more


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Early POWDER FLASK / HORN in "Queen Anne" style dating back to the late 1700`s Up for sale: this late 18th Century POWDERHORN. This type of horn has been used widely across Europe and the US. The item that Iam offering for sale has been manufactured in Western Europe. ...read more


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A Powder Horn belonging to the Rev. Solomon Townsend and dating to the period of the French and Indian Wars (1754-1765). The powder horn is engraved with a pictorial map of the Hudson River showing the fortifications along the river. Solomon Townsend was the minister of the Barrington, Rhode Island Congregational Church for 54 years in the 18th ...read more



James Duffy's powder horn dating from about 1848. Note the carving on the horn. ...read more


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Sold Price: FINE POLYCHROME TANSEL FAMILY POWDER HORN, CIRCA 1830. - October 5, 0116 10:00 AM EDT. This is among the finest Tansel family horns noted. It was carved by one of Francis Tansel's sons, most likely Timothy according to accompanying research. ...read more


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A beautiful flask, dating to the Jacobite Rebellion era. A fine example of an early Scottish powder horn, dating from the 17th-18th century. The would be an incredible research project. ...read more


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Before metal powder flasks came into general use, there was a transitional stage of horn with two metal ends. An example of this is shown in plate one, number four. In the same illustration is an unusual pistol flask. It is made of copper with brass ends and has three partitions, one for powder, one for caps, and one for lead bullets. ...read more


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Lot composed of a powder horn in real horn (the tip is missing), a second powder horn in canvas with spout in brass and a shell of 75 dating from the First World War and carved by a craftsman to give a decorative aspect (work of probably ‘Poilu’ trench art. The whole is … ...read more


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Secured by a strap attached at each end, powder horns were worn across the shoulder, with the horn’s curve making it ideal for carrying close to the body, making the map readily accessible. Powder horn with hand-drawn map of the Hudson River (above Albany), Mohawk River, Niagara region, and Lake Ontario in New York Province. 1757-1760. ...read more


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File:1775 Scrimshaw Map of Boston Carved on Revolutionary War Powder Horn - Geographicus - BostonPowderHorn-1775.jpg From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository Jump to … ...read more


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A powder horn was a container for gunpowder, and was generally created from cow, ox or buffalo horn. The term may also be used for any personal container for gunpowder, regardless of material or shape, for which powder flask is the strictly correct term. Typically there was a stopper at both ...read more


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One of three popular books by Madison Grant, this volume is devoted to the most basic and necessary accoutrement of the muzzle loading longrifle, the powder horn. Primitive hand made American powder horns, from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, are the main focus of … ...read more


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4/29/2008 · Location: Portugal. Posts: 8,187. How to date (powder) horn? I assume this rustic powder horn is Portuguese, due to the circumstances, but can not be sure . I wonder how old it could be. ...read more



12/3/2018 · Powder horns likely made in Philadelphia in the second half of the 18th century. While most horns of this type are entirely unmarked, the upper right horn is a rare dated example, made in 1761. One of only a handful with inscriptions, it helps to establish a chronology for the many undated examples, like the horn below it. ...read more


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